Man of Few Words

by Brett Harris



released April 6, 2010

Produced by Jeff Crawford and Brett Harris
Additional Production by Chris Stamey

Recorded at Arbor Ridge Studios
Mixed by Jeff Crawford and Chris Stamey at Arbor Ridge Studios and Modern Recording
Tracks 9, 10, & 12 mixed by Tim Carless at Mockin' Bird Recording
Mastered by Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering

Art Direction - Nick Jaeger
Cover Photo - Monica Damron

All songs by Brett Harris c2010 Hit the Deck Music (BMI)
except track 8 by Harris/ Lee c2010 Hit the Deck Music (BMI)



all rights reserved


Brett Harris Durham

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Track Name: I Found Out
It's a clear day
All the colors are in view
Feels like for the very first time
I can see them with my own eyes

In a dark haze
In a cloud till I saw you
No more looking out the rear view
This time I think I found a breakthrough

Oh, I was lost and alone
thinking I was the only one
Oh, but you opened my eyes
to a brand new horizon

Now I know what love can do
'Cause I found out when I found you

There's a feeling
that I used to know so well
Wake up sleeping in a strange bed
with shadows hanging over my head

But with one look
you released me from that spell
You came running to the rescue
Gave me something to hold onto

Oh, Honey you've got a spark
That can light up the darkest night
Yeah and I hope that you see
What it's doing to me
Track Name: Something Beautiful
"This could be the start of something beautiful" she said
"Don't you think it's time for us to find a dream to cling to"
"Maybe all are better days are waiting up ahead
Say that you agree and you will be the one my heart sings to"
Track Name: Mansfield
Darlin' what's your hurry?
Been running 'round in circles when
you know that never gets you very far

There's no time to worry
Tomorrow's gonna find you girl
Don't matter where you are

Just slow it down and

Take some time to look around and see
What a lovely, lovely place this world could be

I can see you're tired
Another sleepless night you've spent
worrying 'bout all the things you lack

It's left you uninspired
and now you say you'd give it up
just for the chance to have that feeling back
Track Name: Drop the Needle
Well we all rolled into town
looking for a little action
and escape from all our worries for a while
We'd been feeling pretty down
and in need of some distraction
but we couldn't find a scene to suit our style
So now that we're all home again

Drop the needle on a record and play
Something to make all our troubles feel miles away
Oh, don't you think it's time?
We need to hear a little rock 'n roll
'cause it's the only thing left that can stir our souls
'Round and 'round we'll go till we're feeling fine

Now there used to be a time
when we didn't need a reason
to sit back and let the moments slip away
But the days grew long and the years wore on
as the seasons changed to seasons
and we felt so far removed from yesterday
But if you want to go back home

What's the use in working
if you never get the chance to have some fun?
Let the music take you 'round
and get lost in the sound with everyone
Oh I do believe it's time
Track Name: Unspoken
Well the sun sets low into the night
Leaves a trail of golden light
across the summer sky
and over you and I

And it takes me to that evening when
you swore you'd love me thick and then
and I believed in you
but you broke my heart in two

You can't keep on keeping everything inside
'cause it's bound to leave you broken
And I can't keep counting all the tears we've cried
but your heart remains unspoken

As the stars came creeping into view
I turned to catch a glimpse of you
You were staring into space
as the tears rolled down your face

So if you must leave I'll understand
I'll try to be a bigger man
I'll be sad to see you go
but I want you to know

Don't say you love me
when I know your heart's not in it
Don't say you need me
I can't take another minute
I can't take another minute
Track Name: So Easy
It's been fifteen days
since we went along on our separate ways
I may say I'm fine but I only fool myself

So imagine the sight
of me watching you walk in the room last night
dressed to kill on the arm of someone else

You didn't have to make it look so easy
You didn't have to go and find somebody new
You didn't have to make it look so easy
Now what's a broken hearted boy supposed to do?

Honey I couldn't see
what it was that you saw in a boy like me
but I told myself "this must be my lucky day"

But now you're moving on
and I'm seeing the proof that our love is gone
but before I go there is one thing I must say
Track Name: Perpetual Motion
We're in perpetual motion
We never stop
Just change direction

We're like a wave on the ocean
We're tossed about
with no protection

From the chaos that's swirling around
All the gravity that's holding us down
We rely on the purest of sound
to lead us home

Oh, you gotta keep on moving

You're like a change in the weather
A flash of light
before the thunder

You gotta keep it together
You gotta keep
from going under

But the way of the wind in your hair
and the sweet summer song in the air
takes away all my thoughts and my cares
'til there's just you

We are standing on the edge tonight
with our eyes softly fixed on the pale horizon
We'll be dancing under open skies
when our ship, when our ship comes in
Track Name: See the Light
Here today, gone again tomorrow
Never find a way to hide from all the sorrow
that's been bringing me down so low without you

You and I had a good thing going
'till I said goodbye, never really knowing
how unhappy my world could be without you

Now I'm starting to see the light
When you find the one better hold on tight
'cause once the damage is done you can't go back

Now and then I lie awake and wonder
how it might have been if knew what I know now
then I never would have to live without you

Maybe I was wrong to let you go
I know it took some time but now I know
love is hard to find
I might have had some growing up to do
but now I'm ready to prove my love to you
if I could change your mind
Track Name: Wish
I wish that I was able to fly
like a bird up in the blue
I'd sail with skill to your windowsill
and wait patiently for you

I'd show you around the sleepy old town
and be back before anyone stirred
Then I'd sing soft and low all the songs that you know
sweeter than you ever heard

Me and you should be like old shoes
never more than a step apart
Above our chins we'd wear broken-in grins
cultivated by happy hearts

And oh! When we dance all the joy and romance
would still wow the onlooking eyes
'Cause though we're old leather
we're much better together
Why should they be so suprised?

I wish that I was able to fly
I wish that I was able to fly
Track Name: Too Late
Burning all your bridges down
Praying that she'll come around
but it's too late

Thinking if you play it right
she'll be in your arms tonight
but it's too late, too late

Well you want her, need her
miss her so
but you bite your tongue
and you let her go
She ain't waiting 'round on you anymore

You've got to love her or leave her alone
'cause you ain't never gonna change her mind
She's got to find her way out on her own
Don't you know it's just a matter of time

If love is what you're looking for
don't you let her walk out that door
Go and tell her
This could be your final chance
to find a little true romance
Go and tell her, go and tell her

Tell her you want her, need her
miss her so
and you're never gonna let her go
You ain't waiting round on her anymore
Track Name: Man of Few Words
It's true that I'm a man of few words
I let the mocking birds
do all the talking 'cause I prefer it
But since you ambled into my life
I ramble on day and night
and I've tried but I can't deter it

What is this spell you've got me under?
I wonder if it's love that I've found
I hope this feeling lasts forever
Together we're making such a beautiful sound

There's something in the way that you smile
that knocks me out for a while
Yeah you sure know how to send me reeling
And when you kiss me goodnight
I know the morning light
will find me feeling those happy feelings

Before you life seemed dull and tragic
but magically you turned it around
And now each day keeps getting better
Together we're making such a beautiful sound

Together we're making a beautiful sound
Track Name: Over and Over
Well my time has come
My bags are packed
Gonna catch that evening train and I'm
never coming back
I've been over and over it
Now I'm over you

You used my heart
as your stepping stone
But that's okay because I'm
better off on my own
I've been over and over it
Now I'm over you

You strung me along
and played me for a fool
'till I've cried all the tears I could cry
We've said everything that needs to be said
except for the words goodbye

One day baby
You just wait and see
I'll be the finest thing around and you'll be
just a memory
I've been over and over it
Now I'm over you